New Paltz Adult



Michael Trunkes began over forty years ago as an age group swimmer at the Eastern Queens YMCA in Bellrose Queens, NY under the coaching of author and swim innovator Terry Laughlin.  Michael went on to pursue a competitive running career in college and later triathlon. "I had always competed in multisport events from age 18 on.  My first multisport race was a Biathlon in Long Beach, NY a 3 mile run and 400 yard ocean swim in 1979.  I completed my first half Iron Man in 1982 in Tucson AZ and later on that year the Northport Triathlon.  I was always interested in triathlon but did not give it my full attention until moving back from Boulder CO. in 1995." 



Michael was a former national team member in both Olympic distance triathlon and short course duathlon and has won numerous triathlons and duathlons most notably the Mighty Hamptons Triathlon in South Hampton, NY.  "The most difficult race I competed in was St Croix Half Ironman which immediately afterword made my wife promise me she would never let me do that race again"


A little over four years ago, Michael and his wife Petra moved to New Paltz, New York where Michael  renewed his friendship with Terry. For 5 years Mike with directly with Terry in the Hudson Valley Swim Studio.  "I have had the opportunity to teach swimming in both a traditional pool and an endless pool.  In my opinion, without a doubt the best place to learn how to swim is in an endless pool.  The warm, intimate environment along with the continues feedback from hands on instruction, mirrors and videofeeback excellerate the learning process far beyond what can be achieved in a traditional setting in the same amount of time.  The instructor can see so much more in an endless pool.  It is the ideal environment for my teaching style because I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and I can see every little flaw in a students stroke in the endless pool."

Michael has taught over 2000 hours in the endless pool setting.  He has also directed a dozen  Beginner Tri Camps both here and in Claremont, Fl.  He has worked with aspiring swimmers of different levels of ability from all over the world and continues to teach along with his wife Petra in their new swim studio in New Paltz.  "I am excited about our teaching space.  We have had years to see what works best in the swim studio setting and pass it along to our students." 



"Both Petra and I love to teach front quadrent freestyle, and we believe there is no better or more successful method of teaching swimming in the world."



Michael is currently the Head Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach at the State University of New York at New Paltz and co-owner of New Paltz Running Camp, a high school distance-running summer camp.