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 New Paltz Adult SwimStudio

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Are you new to the sport of swimming? Looking to find a comfort zone in the water?




Struggling to keep from sinking or to get a clean breath?





Triathlon swim have you completely out of breath and tired after one lap in the pool?

Do you want to know why?





These are common complaints and hurdles for many people when it comes to swimming. 


We take a unique approach to  swimming using a set of drills for learning to swim whole stroke free style efficiently. We break down the movements in swimming to focus on body position, composition, hip drive, transition and grip.  We equip the swimmer with the tools to monitor and correct their own swimming as they develop further in the sport.

Private one on one instruction at a time convenient for you for less cost than the price of other group workshops!

  New Paltz Adult SwimStudio   


incorporates the use of an Endless Pool and underwater mirrors, as well as above and below water digital video recording  for instruction.  This speeds the learning curve and allows the unusual benefit of seeing one's self while swimming.


Lessons and workshops are also held in a 25 meter indoor pool for more advanced specific lessons, and in open water - season and weather permitting.


Students range from phobic levels to competitive Master's swimmers.   

****Lessons are currently exclusive for guests of Hungry Ghost Guest House

It is our goal to teach students to swim comfortably and effortlessly for fitness, competition, and/or overall health. 

New Paltz Adult SwimStudio is owned and operated by Mike and Petra Trunkes. They have been teaching swim efficiency for a total of over 20 years collectively.